Producer: University of Calgary

Director: Dean Combitsis

Set/Props Designer: Scott Reid

Costume Designer: Jennifer Lee Arsenault

Photographer: Tim Nguyen


Reeve theatre, Calgary AB


For this show, the director chose to reverse the common interpretation of Berenger as a straight protagonist, instead portraying him as representing the negative effects of resisting positive change. Specifically, the Rhinos were based on the riots in Greece, being a force of freedom but also having a good time. As the play progresses and more and more people join the Rhinos, the lights get less realistic and more colorful, incorporating more and faster movement. Meanwhile, the lights on Berenger remain white and isolated, cutting him off from the chaotic force of change around him. This continues to the end of the play, resulting in Berenger sat in front of the TV complaining about what he sees, but doing nothing, while all around him the Rhinos dance and riot and protest to enact real change.