Our Town



Producer: William Aberhart High School

Director: Marie doAmaral

Costume Designer: Camille Fecteau


William Aberhart Theatre


The core theme of this play was the color purple. Starting in the first act, I chose to highlight important moments of the play with a purple toplight. With the rest of the lighting in this act being neutral, the selective highlighting would serve to embed those moments of unappreciated everyday life in the minds of the audience. This became relevant in the third act, when the play takes a turn for the surreal. The set was designed to separate the emotionless dead characters from the emotional living. I reinforced this separation by lighting the dead in neutral, cold white, and lighting the living with bright colors – orange, for warmth, green, for strangeness, and purple, to tie the play together and to represent the moments throughout the play that were a part of the life so important to those who are living.